Students who began their culinary careers later in life, at the Institute of Culinary Education

Career Changers

Your Passion Projects Shouldn't Be Limited to Your "Off" Hours

Maybe you daydream about opening your own bakery, using a family recipe to create a delicious food product, becoming a private chef or launching the best new food app. Perhaps you want to turn your blogging hobby into a full-time career in food media. Why shouldn't you be able to earn a living doing what you love? It's time to forge a career that connects you with the exciting world of culinary arts and hospitality.

Imagine Doing What You Love

Do you remember when you looked for your first job? It seemed daunting, but also exciting, perhaps even thrilling. But now, you've invested a good number of years in your career, and it would be impossible to start over from scratch, right? The answer is "no." Today, it's not uncommon to pursue a second career in an area you love, and there have never been more opportunities in the world of food. Over 17,900 91߹ alumni have pursued their culinary career ambitions. Join us and be a career changer.

Explore career opportunities inside and outside the kitchen where 91߹ alumni have succeeded.

Why Choose 91߹?

An 91߹ chef instructor peers into a kitchen classroom at the Institute of Culinary Education

A Track Record of Success

91߹ is an award-winning institution. Our Chef-Instructors, hospitality and management instructors, alumni and students are award winners too, having earned recognition and praise in their respective fields. We aim to help you discover your own culinary voice and achieve your personal career goals.

A culinary arts student hones his knife in class at the Institute of Culinary Education

Connections to Industry Leaders

At 91߹, you are exposed to the diverse and vibrant world of food and hospitality through regular contact with prominent industry leaders. Outside of our cutting edge facilities in New York and Los Angeles, our externship and job placement programs can help you make your career change, whether in a dynamic restaurant or other culinary enterprise. You’ll also have opportunities to volunteer and network at high-profile events in and around America's culinary capitals on the east and west coasts. 

A culinary arts instructor watches as a chef instructor demonstrates a technique in culinary school at 91߹

Schedules That Work for You

91߹ offers education that fits your busy schedule. In just seven to 16 months, you’ll get a firm foundation in the discipline of your choice, with a chance to explore your own interests and build your resume. You'll gain the skills and confidence you need to make your career change, with a respected credential and executive development that can open doors to employment at some of the country's leading restaurants, food media outlets, hotels and more. Even after you’ve graduated, you'll have ongoing access to job placement assistance, professional development opportunities, biannual career fairs and special alumni events to further grow your resume, network and career.