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91߹ Alumni Resources, Inspiration and News

With 18,000+ alumni from an array of program offerings, the 91߹ alumni network spans the country and the globe.

From award-winning restaurateurs and food media leaders to test kitchen chefs and food entrepreneurs, 91߹ alumni continue to rank among the most noteworthy names in the food and hospitality industries.

See how former students have achieved success in catering, hotel management, product sourcing and beyond by checking out the alumni news below. You can also find profiles of some of our all-star alums by clicking here.

What Our Alumni Say About 91߹

When asked what they learned at 91߹, our graduates often say, cooking with integrity and passion, leading by example and moving with purpose to get things done quickly. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg: watch the video to see what else our alumni have to say about their 91߹ experience. To hear more from our alumni, visit our to watch other video interviews. If you’d like to share your story, email 91߹ marketing at marketing@ice.edu.

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91߹ Alumni Stories – Yours Could Be Next

Our grads make headlines with awards and nominations, restaurant rankings in the media, television appearances and dining reviews, and we proudly share 91߹ alumni stories on our website, blog and social media channels. We consistently highlight the latest restaurant openings and expansions, promotions and successes among 91߹’s community of alumni, and we invite you to share your story with us. To be features, reach out to marketing@ice.edu.

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Networking Events – Get Involved

A great way for 91߹ alumni to network and find new opportunities in the culinary and hospitality industries is to attend one of 91߹’s on-campus events, including our popular Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs event series. Many 91߹ alumni also enjoy coming back to campus to share their experiences and expertise with active students. Some have led culinary and pastry demonstrations, others have joined panel discussions about specific topics. If you’d like to be a speaker at an 91߹ event, or give a chef demonstration, contact 91߹’s Vice President of Culinary Operations, Barry Tonkinson, at BTonkinson@ice.edu.

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Job Placement – Let Us Help You

Our Career Services team is available to help 91߹ graduates with job placement or to hire staff for their own business, at any point in their career. Even as graduates advance through their careers, the doors of our Career Services Department remain open to all alumni, including invitations to our on-site career fairs and networking opportunities. 91߹ alumni resources include a weekly email with a list of new hospitality and food job openings, including everything from entry-level positions to advanced roles and new business opportunities. (If you are an 91߹ graduate who would like to receive these postings, please .) 

91߹ also serves our alumni in a variety of other ways, including helping you hire staff at your own food establishment and by extending invites to our on-site career fairs and networking opportunities.