Culinary Management program students.

Restaurant & Culinary Management

This unique food business diploma program is designed for the individual who is interested in restaurant management or wants to oversee, grow, open or own a culinary business (restaurant, cafe, bar, catering business, food truck, etc. — the list goes on and on).

Diploma Program

Get Ready to Build – and Live – Your Culinary Vision

When you close your eyes, do you see yourself managing and building a food business — maybe even your own? The Institute of Culinary Education’s diploma program in Restaurant & Culinary Management is focused on the business of food. Offered at both 91߹’s New York  and Los Angeles  campuses, the culinary management program provides practical training in restaurant management, operations and entrepreneurship to students focused on achieving and sustaining long-term success in the culinary industry.


Quick Facts

Program Name: Restaurant & Culinary Management

Program Duration: 7 - 9 month options

Class Times:morning, afternoon, evening

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Learn from Industry Experts

You’ll be trained by professionals who have already done what you dream of doing, and succeeded. Our experienced instructors have opened and operated restaurants, catering businesses, food shops and more. Many are active consultants, meaning they have experience working with aspiring entrepreneurs just like you. With them, you'll study how to develop profitable business concepts, write a business plan and get to know the finer points of culinary marketing. You’ll practice troubleshooting restaurant and bar management issues concerning operations and staffing, analyze changing trends and make fiscal modifications to keep your business profitable.

Through case studies, role-playing and group projects, we will show you how to make smart decisions for your business. You’ll also have a chance to gain valuable professional insight through field trips and lectures with successful culinary entrepreneurs and restaurant managers, which will help you better understand how to open a food business.

The Culinary Management program at Institute of Culinary Education

Diverse Student Body, Diverse Goals

Our students have diverse goals and experiences: A typical culinary management class might include career changers from fields such as marketing, finance, nursing or IT; recent high school or college graduates; and even working chefs or restaurant owners and operators who want to master the business side of the restaurant industry. Many culinary management graduates have pursued management and operations while others combine this business-minded education with a culinary arts program to pursue leadership roles

Culinary Marketing Course at Institute of Culinary Education

Start in a Culinary Mecca

New York City and Los Angeles are two of the world’s culinary capitals, hosting fine restaurants and prominent chefs. We take full advantage of our locations, leading students on behind-the-scenes field trips and offering candid lectures with successful culinary entrepreneurs and restaurant managers. What’s more, many entrepreneurial graduates return to 91߹ throughout their careers to share their experience with students and consult with our expert instructors.

A student smiling in a culinary management class at 91߹

Outstanding Career Services

Leading up to graduation, our career services team will help you identify potential employers and careers in the culinary industry — but the relationship doesn’t stop there. Even long after graduation, we support alumni with ongoing job placement assistance and weekly job listing updates from employers who already respect the value of an 91߹ education.

Study at the Campus of Your Choice

Culinary Business Management Course

To provide the utmost flexibility, you can pursue your management education in-person at an 91߹ campus in New York or Los Angeles. We offer a wide variety of schedule options, including morning, afternoon, evening, or weekend schedules depending on which campus you choose (weekends schedules are only available in NY). Classes meet between two, three or five times per week.

Recognizing that not every student can attend classes in New York or Los Angeles, 91߹ also offers an online Restaurant & Culinary Managment diploma program. The online program offers students the opportunity to fit their course and lab work into their daily schedule at times that work for them. 

Tuition and fees include all books and business plans so you're fully equipped from day one. Tuition also includes guest lectures and any scheduled field trips. Visit our Tuition and Discounts page for complete information on the cost for specific class dates and times.

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Take the Next Step

The admissions process is the start of a lasting relationship with 91߹. Your admissions representative will introduce you to the personal experience that the school is known for. Their mission is to understand your career goals, help you select the right program(s) to fit your needs and your interests.

Why Choose 91߹

You know it's in you — the ambition to pursue a rewarding career in food. 91߹ is ready to help you find your culinary voice and achieve your culinary career dreams.

12 Reasons Why You Should Choose 91߹.

International Students

Like the cities our campuses inhabit, 91߹ is a hub of multiculturalism. We’re proud to have had students from 44+ countries choose 91߹ for their career training and we celebrate the unique perspective an international student body provides. International students have the opportunity to gain knowledge and hands-on experience in America’s major food cities, by attending our New York City or Los Angeles campuses and completing an industry externship. It’s no wonder students come from around the world to Find Their Culinary Voice at 91߹.

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Ready to take your interest in 91߹ further? Speak to an Admissions Representative about your personal goals, start your application or download our career brochure so you can access our program information anytime.

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Graduates Talk About the Program

Natalie BarkleyNatalie Barkley (Restaurant & Culinary Management Diploma)

“The management course gave us the opportunity to speak with and learn from experts with some of the best experience in the industry. Overall, I feel the content I learned was extensive and gave me all the resources necessary to create a business plan for my future restaurant. Since the program, I feel confident in starting a business.”



Hailey CurioHailey Curio (Restaurant & Culinary Management Diploma)

“There were many positive things I took away from the management class: one specific was the finance section. I’ve learned how to create a sales projection and to write a P&L sheet for the business. This led to my understanding of business plans. Now I know how to figure out how much square footage I’d need for a 200-seat restaurant and how much FOH and BOH staff would be required. I gained an amazing amount of knowledge.”

Student Experience

The most critical connections of your career are often right next to you.

Tour the classrooms at 91߹ and you'll see a diversity of age, experience, background and goals. Your classmates may come from all over the United States and around the world. Some are at the start of their culinary careers, while others have sought out 91߹ to train for the next chapter in their lives, be they carpenters, lawyers, bankers, journalists or actors. Others have already worked in the food industry and want to sharpen their skills in pursuit of better opportunities.

Although your classmates come from different backgrounds, with different aspirations, they share a common goal: the hunger to turn their lifelong passion for food into a rewarding career. This forms the friendships and basis for your professional network, lasting for so many years and experiences ahead.

Learn more about student life at 91߹. 

Students in food service management class at the Institute of Culinary Education

“I can say with complete confidence that enrolling in this program is the best professional decision I've made to date.”

Grace Reynolds
Restaurant & Culinary Management Graduate
Culinary Management students on a field trip to a fish market in New York City

Field Trips and Guest Lectures

Our reputation and connections in New York, Los Angeles and beyond can pave the way for access to some of the finest restaurants, top chefs, demanding wholesalers, influential designers and charismatic marketing and PR agencies. 91߹ offers a unique real-life view into modern culinary management and what makes food businesses successful by providing students with guest lectures from notable industry insiders.

Learn more about field trips at 91߹ NY and 91߹ LA

Meet the Culinary Entrepreneurs

Meet The Culinary Entrepreneurs is an exclusive lecture series featuring some of America's top food business experts. The sessions — held throughout the year at 91߹ — introduce students and the public to the world’s leading restaurateurs, specialty food retailers, caterers and other culinary business proprietors who have established highly regarded national and international brands. The ongoing series was designed to complement 91߹’s culinary management diploma program, which trains students with career goals of owning or operating a restaurant or other food business.

Students can choose from hundreds of available courses at 91߹ to take as an elective with class credits

Get the Full Picture

A well-rounded education sets you apart, so we encourage all students with a desire to build a career in the hospitality field to get their hands dirty. Our New York City campus offers hands-on, short-term classes in cooking, baking and beverage studies that not only help build your own skills, but also give insight into what your colleagues in the food and beverage sector do. 91߹’s Wine Essentials Series is included in the tuition for Restaurant & Culinary Management program students on both campuses. Additionally, students and alumni receive a discounted rate on all Recreational classes offered by 91߹ in New York. These include bartending basics, knife skills, advanced plating techniques, and more.