An 91߹ career services advisor speaks with a culinary arts student about ice job placement

Job Placement

Whether you’re interested in a restaurant career, entrepreneurial venture or other opportunities in the hospitality industry, as an 91߹ student or graduate, you’ll benefit from a full range of culinary career resources.

87% of alumni report that their 91߹ education has proved somewhat or very important to their careers.[1]

From culinary job fairs to in-house workshops and career development seminars on such topics as restaurant management, food writing and starting a catering business — we provide a selection of 91߹ career resources to help you launch your dream career. 


What 91߹ can do for you

A culinary arts student in class at the Institute of Culinary Education

Individual Attention

During individual sessions throughout your time at 91߹, our advisors offer assistance in résumé writing, interview skills and other opportunities for professional development. Volunteer opportunities with chefs and other food professionals provide additional networking and real-world experience to students during their studies.

As graduation nears, our Career Services Department works closely with you in developing your professional presence and matching your skills, goals and personality with restaurant positions and hospitality careers offered by our extensive employer network.

Logos of employers who employ 91߹ graduates

An Extensive Network

Even as you advance through your career, the doors of our Career Services Department remain open to all alumni — regardless of your graduation date. Our ever-expanding network stays with you after graduation. As an 91߹ alum, you’ll receive a weekly email with information about culinary career resources as well as a list of new hospitality and food job openings, including everything from entry-level positions to advanced roles and new business opportunities. (If you are an 91߹ graduate who would like to receive these postings, please .)

91߹ also serves our alumni in a variety of other ways, including helping you hire staff at your own food establishment and by extending invites to our on-site career fairs and networking opportunities. 

91߹ alumni land careers inside and outside the kitchen

Careers Inside and Outside the Kitchen

91߹ alumni have attained important positions inside the kitchen, including executive chef, pastry chef, sous chef, baker, chef de cuisine and garde manger positions. Many have also become chef-owners, restaurateurs and general managers. Outside the kitchen, career opportunities range from journalism to retail, catering and event management. 91߹ graduates are succeeding in beverage and mixology positions, marketing, research, private cooking and more.

Chef and restaurateur Daniel Boulud praises 91߹ graduates

“With its world class programs and curriculum, I know I will continue to rely on 91߹ to recruit skilled, ambitious young professionals."

Daniel Boulud
Award-winning Chef/Restaurateur/Author, Operates over 12 restaurants in NYC and worldwide.