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Healing Set (for cats with sensitive skin)

RM 64.00 MYR
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Our top seller products – P.A.W.S spray with Paw & Nose Balm is a must-have item for all cats pawrents as emergency kit at home. Made in Singapore.

It is  lifesaver for any furkids with common skin issues such as rashes, hot spots, bacterial and yeast infection.

1) Made with 100% safe and natural ingredients

2) Easy to use in 3 steps ~ Spray, wipe & massage the balm on infected skin 

3) Chemical and alcohol free

4) Safe on sensitive skin

5) Eliminate bacteria, virus and odour

6) Relieves skin irritation

7) Moisturizes & repair skin

Healing Set consists of 1 x P.A.W.S spray 70ml & 1 x Paw & Nose Balm

How to Use

Step 1:  Clean and disinfect affected area with P.A.W.S spray

Step 2 : Massage very thin layer Paw & Nose Balm on affected skin twice daily or when necessary. Melt the balm on your finger or palm before applying it on your pet's skin

Pro Tips: 

1) Pair Paw & Nose Balm with P.A.W.S spray & use daily for best results & avoid balm from their fur as the balm only can be absorbed by the skin. 

2) Just a thin layer will makes a long way. If the skin is very dry, you can apply it more frequently but in very thin layer.

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